by Sad's House

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yep its one of these

All tracks recorded at good house


released November 20, 2015

This sewage features the talents of: davie dews, eavxyz, i-saya-soothe-saya-smooth-haya-livin-on-a-praya, maybe beet, lymp shrymp, chef michael smith.



all rights reserved


Dad's House Toronto, Ontario

Smoke Machine Strobe Lights Computers

creds to kyle l. for the pic

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Track Name: Carrion
how many times time to stop counting
i tried to down an entire loaf of bread in one sitting
right on the corner of prince arthur and laval in montreal
you are so small

empathy i cant afford it
in black and white everything looks so important
i wanna sail around the world in a big sailing ship
in a sailors cap i would be so very hip
in my sailors cap and my great big sailing shoes
i would never think of you
i wood ncr thik ofyu
i wodnt nefve thingk ofduy
i wodg nwegr thigsdghj ofu
wrg inver tgnk ofodf you
Track Name: lil gene went to school
mama gives me pills to help me focus
she puts them in my milk so i dont notice
sometimes they help
when im feelin slow down

everything is so bitter
tickles my tongue
you are so young
making me quiver
but you're calm
got dirt on your palms